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By replacing the idea of “god” with “society” secular humanist isn’t getting less religious fanatic

I am sick and tired of moralists and ethics.

Ancient Greeks were wise connoisseurs of the human nature. Since the men were badly in need to compete they were able to invent Olympic Games in order to channel this “dark” energy in a safe direction.

Profound lack of human nature understanding by the modern humanists leads to the utopian and tyrannical ideologies and multimillion sacrifices in the name of the idea. “End justifies the means” is their motto, that means we are allowed to be anti-humanistic today for the sake of the “better future” for society tomorrow. It’s a delusion. And it’s just another kind of religion.

Society instead of God.

Equality and Better Future instead of Heaven on the Earth.

Civil Sacrifices instead of Religious Sacrifices.

To solve the problem we (humanity) have, first, to realize where it lies. If one knows that one’s congenital “morality” is just the same instinct like any highly developed animal has – the instinct of preservation of our own species, one will be able at least to try learning how to use our only advantage of being rational and thinking creatures to form a morality beyond the simple biological instinct.

Everything else is just another form of religious delusion.


Who wouldn’t love to talk about morality?.. Here I couldn’t resist either

Have you ever thought about the fact that morality is the distinctiveness of human just because among all the animals only human is in need of acquittal in own senseless atrocity?

If morality is something taken for granted and inherent to our species why we pay so much attention to it? Doesn’t it look odd that we have to educate each other in this matter through all our life? It seems, we can learn many “inherent” things much more faster and effectively.

One man has helped another (not to mention “member of different species”)! Hero! We’re all excited and stunned!.. Why? He has just demonstrated our inherent, trivial quality.

We are most aggressive and cruel species, not most moral and compassionate. But we love talking how moral we are, and especially discussing whether other species have morality or not. They are allowed not to have, because they are not so pointless and uncontrollably cruel.

Aggression and hypocrisy are our true inherent qualities, dear humans.