My new love … Estonia

It seems I don’t like not only large corporations but also large countries. They seem to me too clumsy and their feeling of the self-importance a bit overrated.

Why a single person is supposed to live within own incomes, but the whole state is not?

And I wish my country had such a president! :)

Krugmenistan vs. Estonia:


One thought on “My new love … Estonia

  1. Beth

    There is an optimum size for everything. Some studies have been made on this (some as much as 60-75 years old) but they never got much publicity. One scientist said that when luxuries become necessities–like a car– then the community has gotten too big. His example is the US in the 1950s when most men walked to work or took public transit. The car was used for family vacations, going to the doctor because someone was too sick to walk, etc. Now most families in the US think they _need_ a car for every adult, not just a family car. In fact, they could share, sometimes take public transit, car pool, etc. but they don’t. And the government uses it as an excuse to leave public transport in a sorry state.

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